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Relax to Nature - My Campside Fire 3D

Sit by the campfire and soak up the earthy atmosphere. With 3D sounds!

What could be more relaxing and refreshing than camping in the forest? This CD will re-create for you the experience of sitting beside a campfire at night, the sounds of the forest going on all around you.

Close your eyes and you’ll imagine yourself in a forest clearing. You’ve just enjoyed a delicious meal cooked on the open fire and now you sit back, sated, listening to the fire crackling.

Gentle guitar music lulls you, while in the distance you hear soft forest sounds – leaves rustling on the trees, birdsong, insect noises, the burble of water in a stream, perhaps even the gentle scrabbling of squirrels and other small creatures. At one with nature, you lie back, feeling all your cares trailing away with the campfire smoke... 

And when at last the fire has burned itself out, you’ll feel relaxed and re-invigorated - ready to return to civilization, but knowing that your campside fire is always available on this CD, any time you wish to return to it!

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