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Guided Relaxation - Drift Off to Sleep CD

Fall into blissful slumber within minutes, with this guided relaxation CD!

Many of us have problems getting off to sleep, or enjoying a restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep. If that applies to you, this CD will do the job the Sandman can’t!

Our guided visualization has been specially written to lead you gently into the Land of Nod. With a background of soothing strings accompanied by the sound of gentle rain, it will help even the most hardened insomniac find their way into deep, refreshing sleep.

As you listen, you will feel your body relaxing, your mind becoming still. The cares of the day will melt away, as you drift into peaceful slumber.

In the morning you will wake up relaxed and re-energized, ready for whatever the day may bring.

And you can always be secure in the knowledge that, with a little help from this CD, when bedtime comes you will sleep like a baby once more.

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